On November 30th, being a nurse became a curse and my worst nightmare became a reality. 

I had taken in my son Anthony to the Emergency Room department because he had intermittent episodes of vomiting. Despite the pediatricians having seen him and diagnosing him with a “viral infection”, I knew it could not just be that. 

We sat in the ED with his dad while they ran additional tests to figure out the cause. Anthony only ever had vomiting without any other symptoms which was another argument as to why it could not be just a viral infection…and although I don’t have the initials MD after my name, as a mom you just know your child and I knew something worse had to be going on. 

The pediatrician that evaluated Anthony in the ED was very thorough and took her time in evaluating him. At the end of her assessment she stated she was going to order a MRI of the brain. As a nurse, I already knew that physicians are not likely to order such imaging unless they have an inclination to rule out something bad. I accompanied Anthony to his MRI and within 5 minutes of returning to the room to meet his dad, there were two physicians that walked in behind us. Again, I knew this is usually not the case if the results were normal. 

The pediatrician that ordered the imaging asked if she could speak with his dad and I outside the room while the other doctor stayed with Anthony. Before she could speak tears were already running down my face. Unfortunately, being a nurse I know a little too much and knew that the next words out of her mouth were not going to be good news. 
Sure enough within the next minute she verbalized the words “I have some news, and it is not good news. We found a mass/tumor in Anthony’s brain.”

Within those seconds I felt the blood leave my finger tips and my heart collapse. I could barely breathe and I was drowning in my own tears.

From that moment on began my journey on researching how to not only survive but thrive through cancer. My goal is to share my knowledge as a registered nurse and experience gained throughout my son’s battle with brain cancer to help others in the same journey, as well as what steps to take to prevent cancer and live healthier/non-toxic lives.