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Be Smart about Smart Meters

Smart meters are a type of meter that is used to measure your electric, gas or water usage.

Utility companies have been able to save money by reducing the amount of staff employees needed to drive around checking meters manually by instead installing smart meters that allow them to read your usage utilizing electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Not only did this program put thousands of employees out of work but if you live in the state of California, it was a billion dollar project back authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in 2012 when it was initiated to have all the meters changed out to smart meters. A smart move to now have this type of radio frequency radiation put our health at risk within our own homes.  

We are living in a world surrounded by electromagnetic fields. Unfortunately it is affecting our health, including our immune system but it is also linked to an environmental factor that is putting us at an increased risk for cancer. There are some levels of exposure that we have no control over, like how many antenna towers we are living near which you can check out that information here, unless you are planning to move this would be vital information to research prior to choosing a real estate location. However, if you are a home owner, you have basic legal right to safety and health within your home to make modifiable changes. One of these changes is requesting that the smart meters be changed out for analog meters.

While my son was in treatment, I called my utility companies and told them I wanted to have my smart meters changed to analog. To my surprise it was not as much of a hassle as I thought it would be. The phone call took about 10 minutes of my time. One company did ask why I wanted to have it changed, for which I told them my son’s diagnosis and the health concern it poses, which in hindsight I am not even sure that they are entitled to know why you would want to have it changed. All utilities companies did have me pay an initial ‘opt-out fee’ and then said that I would be charged a monthly fee of $10. Yes this small fee can definitely add up over time but it is a small price to pay in order to mitigate your exposure and reduce any potential health risks. From the time I placed the phone call to initiate the request it took only about a week to have a technician at my house to change the meters.

A blog post from Lloyd Burrell includes an informative video from Dr. Karl Manet who is both a medical doctor and an engineer talks about the impact that smart meters, as well as other EMF emitting devices, have on our health. He also includes tips on how to shield yourself from radiation emitted from a smart meter if for whatever reason you are not able to have it removed (i.e. you live in an apartment building) which he states to “shield the wall behind the smart meter to prevent the smart meter radiation penetrating your home. There are several ways of doing this, shielding paint is one way. The disadvantage is that it requires quite a lot of decorating type work and it only shields the room the room where you have applied the shielding material.”

While there are many sources of EMF that we are exposed to on a daily basis that we have no control over, there are still a great amount of factors which we can change. If you are looking for a great book on EMFs and tips on how you can reduce your exposure, Defender Shield’s book: Radiation Nation: Fallout of Modern Technology – Your Complete Guide to EMF Protection & Safety: The Proven Health Risks of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) & What to Do Protect Yourself & Family is a great resource.