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Medical Alert Bracelets

Medical alert bracelets can truly save someones life in case of an emergency. If a person is unresponsive, this piece of jewelry may help alert someone as to what condition that individual has to better determine what they may need during that crisis. In a medical emergency, things happen fast and every second counts, so emergency first responders rely on obtaining information quickly. They are trained to look for the medical alert emblem which can assure them they have accurate information in the case that individual may be found alone and unable to respond, away from caregiver or anyone who is standing by may freeze up as can tend to occur even with parents under stressful situations.

During treatment, our son developed adrenal insufficiency secondary to steroid medication that he was taking. Because of this he was required to wear a medical alert bracelet in case of an emergency, since he became steroid dependent. If our son were to have required an emergency steroid injection during an adrenal crisis, there is only a 6 minute window for it to be given. This time is crucial and every second truly counts. Unfortunately with adrenal insufficiency, during times of stress it lowers your blood sugar and blood pressure which can be life threatening.

During times of stress, additional hydrocortisone medication needs to be taken to mimic the body’s normal response in that situation. Everyone’s dose is different.

Stress dosing is done according to the severity:
📍Mild Stress: 
Fever less than 102F
Flu-like symptoms 
Simple cold

📍Moderate Stress:
Fever >102
Vomiting or diarrhea
Major dental work
Hit to the head or hard fall

📍Emergency Stress Dose for Adrenal Insufficiency (injection required)💉:
Severe weakness
Vomiting or diarrhea > 2 times within 30 minutes
Not tolerating fluids
Loss of consciousness 
Excessive bleeding (Depending the situation would require an ED visit or if life threatening 911.)

When buying a medical alert bracelet make sure to include:
➖Full name
➖Diagnosis/Medical condition
➖Any medication person may be dependent on (i.e. insulin, steroids..) and/or life threatening allergy (When listing a medication, be sure to indicate whether you are taking this medication or are allergic to it! Example: On Steriods vs. Steroid Allergy).
➖Emergency contact number (two numbers if space allows).

Other recommendations that I suggest when purchasing a medical alert bracelet are:

  • Choose a waterproof material (you will want to make sure the bracelet is worn at all times and does not have to be removed when in water. This posses a risk to forget to put it on again after let’s say getting out of the shower or if an emergency were to occur perhaps while swimming, the individual will have want to made sure to have their bracelet on.)
  • Adjustable band (especially for those individuals who may be dealing with weight changes or swelling)
  • Comfortable- considering this is a piece of jewelry you will not want removed

The medical alert bracelet that we chose for our son was the ActiveWear Fit. I loved that it is silicone which is a non-toxic material, hypoallergenic, waterproof which gave me peace of mind that he could wear it at all times without having to take it off, it is adjustable which was perfect due to his shifts in weight loss and/or gain, has four rows for engraving which ensures the most vital information can be included and that the engraving is on the inside which allows for privacy.